Caterpillar Barrier Free Mosquito Net in coimbatore

The Cater pillar barrier free door fit is a full-sized fitment that can be 7 feet or above in length and covers the entire doorway from insects and mosquitoes. The entrances are a common entry point for the mosquitoes to enter the residence but with our aluminum frames and alluring mesh options, the mosquitoes will be dealt at the first entry point only. Even during bright daytime or pouring weather, the doors can be opened to let the fresh air get in and not carry any mosquitoes with it.Suitable upto 20 feet.

Mesh Options - Polyester
Features - Custom made to your Windows
  • Suitable for full-size front doors
  • Easy to open and close
  • The magnetic design pulls the door back inplace
  • Canvasses the area of your front door for added safety
  • Durable eco-friendly solution for the environment
  • The frames are available in different powder coated finish
  • Rugged aluminum chassis suitable for entry and exit points of the residence
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