Pleated Mosquito Net for Windows In coimbatore

The Pleated screen as the name suggests is retractable inside the frame. The fitment solution is embedded inside the frame and can be dragged in or out as per your preference. The outer casing in which the sliding mechanism is implemented is built out of Aluminum and remains unaffected to whatever season the region currently falls under. The retractable option is for consumers that want the best of both worlds, protection when the sun sets and fresh breeze and bright sunlight when the sun is up.Suitable for large size window.

Mesh Options - Polyester and fiberglass
Features - Custom made to your Windows
  • The frame does not rust or corrode with seasonal changes
  • Retractable and does not require pulling it out every time
  • Can be used for a specific time period and then retracted inside the case
  • Durable eco-friendly solution for the environment
  • Does not stand out and blends with the interior aesthetics
  • Can be installed on wooden as well as Aluminum windows
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