Roller Mosquito Net for Windows in coimbatore

Roll down solutions are always the best to hide them in plain sight and take up minimal space possible. Glossy roll fitment made by us can be dropped down or lifted-up as per your convenience. They serve as an alternative to the pleated fitment design as they are capable of rolling-up instead of pleating. The fitment retracts to its original position slowly and does not bang against the frame. It is held in place by the locks present at both the ends that firmly grip it until you manually unlock and lift them.

Mesh Options - Fiberglass mesh – elite
Features - Custom made to your Windows
  • A Non-obtrusive design that hides in plain sight
  • Roller-shutter design that is effective in keeping insects and mosquitoes at bay
  • A spring mechanism helps it roll-up automatically
  • Durable eco-friendly solution for the environment
  • Self-cleaning mechanism and requires infrequent maintenance
  • Can be installed on wooden as well as Aluminum/UPVC windows
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