The Fabric of Life: Effective Use of Mosquito Nets & Screens

The Fabric of Life: Effective Use of Mosquito Nets & Screens

11 Mar 2021

Mosquitoes are a persistent nuisance as soon as the sun sets on the horizon. They enter the household during daylight and hide behind curtains, cabinets, and underneath the furniture. As the evening approaches, they start their whining noise and suck the blood out of your body. To combat the mosquitoes, screen doors and nets have become the fabric of life. It is impossible to imagine a healthy and sound sleep without having one installed in your home. Mosquito nets are effective to an extent but do not provide the permanent solution for your mosquito problem. I will elaborate on a few uses of mosquito screen doors in households and offices.

First barrier

Mosquito nets are used on the bed to protect yourself in sleep. The net is very cost-effective and washable but lacks the rigidity that screen doors provide to you. Mosquito nets can be opened accidentally while sleeping if the person turns too much. The mosquito net does not impede the entry of mosquitoes inside your residence but only saves you from them while sleeping. Mosquito screens act as the first barrier that prevents the mosquitoes from getting past the main gate and windows. Using them you can freely live and work inside the house without experiencing any trouble from the mosquito. 


Mosquito screens use a thin mesh that stops fleas, insects, and mosquitoes from entering your home. The fine weaving also lets you breathe fresh air throughout day and night without worrying about the mosquitoes. You can open the window panes and let the natural breeze cool your residence and can also save a significant amount on electricity bills. 

One time solution

Unlike mosquito nets or repellents, mosquito screens are a permanent solution. Once installed they have a life of more than a decade or two. This is because the screens are metallic or fiber-based and do not wear out even in harsh sunlight. The fiber one may experience some discoloration but the metal one lasts longer than you can imagine. You do not have any recurring cost with the mosquito screen or have to bear any operating costs. They are housed in an aluminum frame and are economical if you compare the cost with the mosquito repellents.

Health and wellness

I'm sure you may have an idea about the disastrous effects of using mosquito repellent. The fumes emanating from a burning coil or an evaporating liquid irritates the lining of the lungs. The chemical is synthetic and toxic to breathe, especially for toddlers and seniors. Mosquito screens do not generate anything. They just stay there and keep mosquitoes at bay. The mosquito repellent usage instructions are trouble for asthmatic people that cannot breathe in the fumes. The windows and doors have to close to experience the full effect of a mosquito repellent which is suffocating to asthmatic patients. Mosquito screens allow the fresh gust of air to circulate in the room and alleviates the suffocating feeling.

Easily cleanable

Mosquito screens can be pulled down and cleaned with a cleaning cloth or water. The mosquito screens can get blocked by dust in the summers that make it difficult for the air to seep through. The mesh design facilities easy cleaning without exerting any undue effort. You can simply dust the mosquito screen using a paintbrush, cloth or broom, and remove the clogged mesh area. Washing is also an option if you have the magnetic screen installed as they can be taken down from the frame and cleaned thoroughly. No additional maintenance cost is incurred as you can easily do it as it does not need a professional. For high-rise structures, I would recommend a maintenance professional as it is not safe for anyone to dangle outside the window.

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5 reasons why uPVC is a better fenestration material

5 reasons why uPVC is a better fenestration material

23 Jan 2021

Upvc is a more complex version of the PVC or polyvinyl chloride that is used in almost every industry possible. PVC, as you know, is a slightly flexible plastic material that is used in the health care industry in the blood sample bag, consumer products such as raincoats, boots shower curtain, and all. But you must be wondering these materials are not rigid and how can they be used in structures that demand a rigid body. To make the PVC as solid as a fenestration material some stabilizers and modifiers are added to the PVC. This additional generates what you know as the uPVC that has replaced wood in residential projects due to its multifarious nature and rigid structural integrity.

Here are 5 reasons why uPVC is a better fenestration material.


Impervious to watercolorist

uPVC is a polymer that does not like water and remains unaffected by it even if it rains incessantly for the whole day and night. It is a plastic component and plastics do not wither away with weather changes. The polymer also does not absorb the moisture of any kind so you won't have anything seeping through it even if the weather worsens.


Fire retardant

uPVC's most enchanting quality is that it does not share the same vulnerabilities as PVC polymer. Mainly employed in residential projects, water projects means exposure to the various temperature that could soar high. In case of a fire accident, the uPVC polymer stands strong and doesn't melt at all due to its fire-retardant property. This leaves trouble off your mind that your windows won't melt even if the drapes catch fire. Pun intended.



The uPVC polymer due to added fillers and stabilizers poses a rigid structural fidelity that doesn't break or shatter unless the force is earth-shattering. This means that even during installation and post-installation work like painting, designing, appliance installation, the material can withstand both intended and unintended forces that are exerted on it.


Insusceptible to Insects

The polymer presents another great advantage that may slip the consumer's minds when they consult their architect for choosing material for windows and door frames. Wood is the most beautiful material to show craftsmanship and lasts forever it treated right. But that quality of wood is very hard to find and is unreachable from the budget of common people. Moreover, termites are its sworn enemy. uPVC is not harmed at all by any insects and does not even attract them making it a suitable fenestration material.



Hold on! Plastics and eco-friendly do not sit well within a single statement. But the harsh reality is that plastics have made an unreplaceable spot in manufacturing. It is non-biodegradable but can be at least recycled to use again and again at high temperatures. This makes it the only withstanding man-made resource.



uPVC is a superior polymer in every possible aspect and should be the choice of every homemaker to use what we can create and do no further exploit the already diminishing natural resources.

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